"Caring for people is our passion and we're going to make it our business."



 Our story began on one very cold day in Detroit.  While I was driving to run some errands,  I noticed a man walking with no shoes on his feet. It was cold and snowing outside.  At first, I thought my eyes were deceiving me.  When I turned my car around to check on this man’s well-being,  he seemed very confused about his surroundings. I remembered I had some things I wanted to donate to the Salvation Army in the trunk of my car.  I quickly found some boots and returned back to the gentleman's side.  At that moment I realized there was a need to help people who may not be able to fully take care of themselves and they need a little assistance from time to time.  

I have been caring for people for what seems to be, all my life.  I am passionate about the welfare of others.  Passion For People, LLC          ( PFP) is a home help-care-agency created to provide assistance for people who are disabled, elderly and unable to care for themselves. Our number one goal is to help our reliant neighbor's to maintain their independence.

Passion For People Llc. Home Care



Winter Safety Tips

  • Use spark screens on all fireplaces

  • Keep important items near the bed for emergencies

  • Never smoke in bed

  • Test all smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries once per year

  • Don’t use an oven to heat the home

        ​​​​​​We decided not to do Assisted Living and instead go with an In-Home Care. We have been using Passion for People LLC for almost two years now. They are fantastic.